After several months of development, we are proud to announce a new analysis method :


The efficiency test of air filters against micro-organisms.

This method developed with PSA automotive company and certified by UL company allow the validation of the air filter’s effectiveness in blocking bacteria and molds on its media.

In this method, we spray micro-organisms in a bed test, which is secured in a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). In this bed test, the air filter is airtightly sealed, thus forcing the entire airflow to pass through. A control filter is placed downstream to collect micro-organisms that were not stopped by the tested media. When the test bed is operational, the solution of micro-organisms is sprayed during a defined time-scale (usually 15 minutes). When the spraying is over, the filters are analyzed to quantify the amount of bacteria and molds.

The efficiency rate can be communicated in percentage (%) or logarithm (log).

Activities area :

  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Aerospace
  • Office
  • Industry
  • Climate engineering

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