Mold identification

The identification of fungi by traditional methods has limitations. To provide a reliable identification while reducing delays to obtain results, our laboratory has developed innovative methods like qPCR (molecular biology) or image analysis in addition to microscopic analysis.

During the audits, diagnostics or monitoring of the quality of indoor air, measurements of microbial contaminants can indicate a level of air contamination. To complete the investigation, identification of mold or bacteria present in the air or on surfaces can provide a more detailed understanding of the indoor air pollution. Thereby, the risk of deterioration of the building are better understood and reduce the health problems of people: decrease allergies or asthma development work, for example.

The laboratory expertise in the field of identification of mold is the guarantee of obtaining reliable scientific results. This expertise provides a relevant answer in the development of a process to improve the quality of indoor air in an indoor environment, whether that is in a offices, a public space, a museum, or just a room.

In addition to the analyzes, the identification of mold is the key in the understanding of the interactions between the building and the environment, but also helps physicians in the interpretation of certain health problems (allergies, asthma … ).

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The mold is also a pollutant of the air present in the ductwork. Molds are dispersed in indoor air resulting in a degradation of the quality of indoor air in offices or production areas.

Indoor air pollution

Our expertise in the field of microbiology of air and especially molds allows us to be the independent french leader in the identification and detection of molds.

Conidia laboratory

Conidia’s laboratory is the French leader in mold analysis. After academia, the company has developed its expertise in the field of indoor air quality, building materials including bio-based materials, plant diseases, soils polluted.

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