Audit on the quality of indoor air

Performing a microbiological audit on the quality of indoor air allows to specify the concentrations of molds and bacteria and identify microorganisms that can potentially cause illness for the staff or degradation of a building.

To provide you with a mapping of the air quality of your building, we work with you on a representative sampling plan of your methods of work or your travel habits. A technician works on site to perform the measurement campaign on one or several days. In addition to the microbiological samplings, it makes a series of observations on the building in order to understand the interactions between microorganisms, indoor air and the building itself. These observations are an essential element in the development of recommendations contained in the audit report.

Measurements of air quality are performed by microbiological air sampling. These samples gathered during the audit are analyzed in the laboratory. This work allows us to know the concentrations of mold and bacteria in indoor air but also on the surfaces (eg building materials) and identify mold. Our expertise in this domain enables us to offer you a scientific audit who suits to your needs. A microbiological audit is the most appropriate way to understand a problem of degradation or contamination of air produced during the process. It is the first step in a comprehensive approach to improving the working conditions of you staff and the production.

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The mold is also a pollutant of the air present in the ductwork. Molds are dispersed in indoor air resulting in a degradation of the quality of indoor air in offices or production areas.

Indoor air pollution

Our expertise in the field of microbiology of air and especially molds allows us to be the independent french leader in the identification and detection of molds.

Conidia laboratory

Conidia’s laboratory is the French leader in mold analysis. After academia, the company has developed its expertise in the field of indoor air quality, building materials including bio-based materials, plant diseases, soils polluted.

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