One of several factors implicated in allergies or respiratory infections, indoor air quality is preponderant.

A indoor air quality test of your company with AIRBOX is the preliminary analysis before actions to ameliorate it. The measurement of comfort parameters (temperature, humidity or CO2) as well as molds detection (microbiological allergens) and VOCs (chemistry pollutant like formal, benzene or toluene) in the indoor air is the solution to give you an indoor air quality level.

Our service solution

Molds can be allergens, especially for sensitive people. Our AIRBOX test use scientific methods adapted to the industry. This method consist to search molds (molds spores) hanging in the air.

We can add in option VOCs search in air, chemistry pollutants which can cause skin or eye irritations.

Choose an AIRBOX kit, it made choice of a professional expert who propose you more than a measurement. Our solution includes a key condition : services. The service to go on your company to carry out measurement and certify result reliability. The service to support analysis report reading. The service to advise for ameliorate indoor air quality on your building.

A kit developed by an independent laboratory

Many companies develop indoor air quality control tools to complete our product range: dehumidifier, air cleaner… Our company is an entire independent laboratory : your office air is analyzed without consideration than delivered an appropriate index and solutions adapted to your pollution. All our analysis are overseen by a microbiological doctor.

AIRBOX is the kit the most adapted at your demand. Our technician visit limit your results responsibility. You do nothing, you don’t need to use complicated material, our method with caution.

All the science, all our science at your service.

Our Methodology


A microbiological audit is the most appropriate way to understand a problem of degradation of indoor air or contamination of a product in production. It is the first step in a comprehensive approach to improve working conditions and production.


Checking the air quality in a room and especially the air supplied through the air systems ensures a level of comfort and well -being for the occupants of a building.


Our laboratory develops specific high-tech methods to understand and analyze the quality of indoor air. The analysis of microbiological pollution is an important aspect in the process of quality indoor air for the well-being of employees and the visitors comfort.


A microbiological diagnostic of the quality of the air aims to find microbes in the air to detect the presence of an internal pollution that may be due to the illness of the occupants of a building.


To measure the quality of indoor air, we use specific microbiology methods developed by our R&D department in order to offer you a suitable solution to your problem.


To complete the investigation, the identification of mold or bacteria present in the air or on surfaces can provide a full understanding of inside pollution and provides a suitable solution.

Our Expertise